Sunday, November 05, 2006

Current Intrigues

I am entering my final week of this Indian trip. I have a lot of plans, including one more visit to see Santhan the scultor, and one more visit to the hills. Kodaikanal is a possibility even though there is a high likelihood of rain. That's just the way it is this season in this part of the world.

There are some things related to the Water Project that I am keeping an eye on. Oxford Brookes University in England has a "social sculpture" program. You can get a good sense of the program by reading about Shelley Sacks, with whom I have been corresponding.

I heard about this school through a listserve from the Community Arts Network, "promoting information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based art." This is an amazing resource.

I am also getting to know the Green Museum, run by Sam Bower, whom I had the pleasure of lunching with in California before I came to India. This is an exciting, inspiring environmental art website.