Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Water Project => Beauty of Water

The Water Project is now Beauty of Water. Thanks to all who helped select a name. Here are excerpts from two contributors in the selection process:

is life
origin of life
is that which shapes the earth and gives it beauty through its geology,
topography, flora and fauna
has a duality: soft and yielding, flowing, controllable, the source of
life; hard, powerful, destructive
is universal- scientists think of it as the sine qua non of any kind of

(Some life can live w/o air, directly (like gilled creatures), but no
life can
live w/o direct contact with water...)


is an act of creation
is universal
effects change, so it can be creatively destructive
is a reflection of ourselves (water reflects)

Art is water, water is art
art of water, water of art...
art and water, water and art
ars, aqua (latin)
Art from water, water from art....

hm... just playing around with these... I like thebeautyofwater too.

from Tse-Sung Wu


Yes, I like Beauty of Water. I'm trying to think of a name that evokes all the other things about water, in addition to it's beauty, but that's a tall order. And of course "beauty" can mean a lot more than just how something looks. I get that. And it could even be said that "beauty" does evoke all those other things -- things such as power, necessity, life-giving, life-taking, magnitude, Godliness, fearsomeness, gorgeousness, generosity, basic-ness, scarcity, abundance. You know, all that. I guess "Beauty" really can hold all that within it.

from Sarah Behrendt


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Renaming The Water Project

The past few weeks I've been adjusting to the new job at the health club. I work six days a week, and on the seventh I go skiing. Actually last weekend I went to my dad's in Milwaukee to see my sister Sarah perform in a play ~ excellent!

I have a good first draft of the new version of The Water Project concept paper. I will post it here soon. It emphasizes the collaborative, global, and artistic aspects of the project. It may not satisfy the urgings I receive to make it more specific for potential funders. I agree that will be needed. At this time, though, I am doing my best to midwife unfolding qualities that necessarily build on developing momentum. This is happening. It won't be too much longer before we can create financial structure. We're getting out of the embryonic stage.

Meanwhile, my good friend Terry Berger, producer of most of the early photos I posted through this blog, and of several photos in the paper for The Water Project, made a home page mockup. Thank you Terry! It was exciting to see this materialize. He also created a lovely website for the Indian artist, Santhan. I helped a little partway through, but Terry made it happen. Terry's own website is worth looking at, too. He is doing unbelievable work in India.

The title "The Water Project" was always meant to be a working title, to be renamed by people involved in the project at some point in its evolution. Well, that time has come, driven by the need for a domain name. I spoke with the keeper of, a pastor named Peter, who has extensive experience in internet marketing. Long story short, we each support each others work ~ take a look at what they are doing, it's great ~ and we hope to create a partnership of some sort in the future. For now, though, I'm prompted to get our "The Water Project" a new name.

Here are the top candidates at the moment.

Please feel free to send me your opinion! My email address is available in the concept paper.

Oh, and last but not least, I have been connecting a bit with a US American artist who is interested in the project, and is already doing related work in the San Francisco Bay Area. We'll see...