Thursday, February 22, 2007

Humans as Water

Agua del Lago Petén Itzá I am also in deep inquiry about WATER, water itself. I have a lot of internal messages telling me to sit with water, Be with water, and explore it on multiple levels. When I go there even just in my mind, I pretend I am a rippling lake, or a meandering river. I feel my weight as a noisy waterfall, or the weightlessness of water streaming upwards in a city fountain somewhere. I expand and become rain, falling onto the ground, forming puddles that children splash into with rubber boots. I am snow, silently floating down onto a mountain. When I imagine how these forms of water feel, personified, I become free, fluid, happy, danceful, and spiritually high. I get that this is important toward guiding The Water Project and understanding its power. We are all water.

Deepening the Inquiry

I could also call this entry Sharpening the Focus. It is in my nature to give attention to a lot of things at the same time. Sometimes, though, I get fragmented and have to regroup.

My intention for this phase has been to focus on: short-term financial sustenance, as I depleted personal funds launching The Water Project; designing sustainability for my future vis-à-vis The Water Project; learning about non-profits and other arts organizations so that The Water Project can take those steps; being a part of my family here for a while, practicing light-heartedness, skiing; and paramount to my ability to do all of the above, redeveloping habits that bring a higher level of physical fitness.

Well, it turns out that I love the personal trainer job! Twice a day I commute to the gym on foot, a half mile through tall whispering pines. And surprise ~ I suddenly have opportunity and incentive to learn about asking people to part with their money. A large part of the job is sales of specialized supplements and personal training sessions. I know I can do this because I believe in it, and I believe in it because it is thoroughly supportive of holistic health and well being. It is my job to help people achieve the goals they choose. I already have excited clients.

This morning I withdrew my candidacy for the Diversity Coordinator position at the community college. There are a lot of logical reasons for that, for example, I do not plan to live in Washington for a long time. After a lot of soul searching, though, it was my gut that told me that I have other work that is more important right now, and that my attentions would be too split if I were to learn that new job too. I am learning to focus.

As we all know, life is what happens while you're busy making other plans... I'm sure everything in this exposé is true today, yet no one can say what may unfold from here. Peace to all, thanks for reading this.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Advisor Report

I heard from Anna Halprin on my request that she serve as an advisor to The Water Project. Here's what her administrative assistant wrote: "Anna and I discussed your email yesterday. She is all for your project and sincerely believes in your vision. At this time, with sincerity, she regretfully must decline the advisory position. We understand the role is very low key and she has considered this – however, her schedule is beyond full this year. Our goal is to manage her time with great sensitivity & respect to her and her husbands aging as well as their brilliance and creativity. This is challenging to do. Please keep us posted on the project as it progresses. With our sincere support, Lisa & Anna" I take this well.

I approached Sam Bower of Green Museum a couple of weeks ago, and he also declined to serve as an advisor, citing that he felt the project was too unclear at this time. Sam spent well over an hour with me on the phone, providing feedback and support, for which I am grateful.

I have mainly received positive, constructive feedback on the concept paper and project. All of the feedback has been fertile.

It is fascinating to encounter others' reactions. For example, to me the project is crystal clear and always has been. But the fact that it seems vague to some people means that the tacit understandings I have inside of me, that to me seem obvious, are in fact not obvious at all. These understandings need to come forth and be made explicit. This is a normal phenomenon. Of course sometimes feedback creates shifts in my own understanding, deepening my sense of what needs to happen, and/or introducing new ideas. And no doubt I don't always understand the feedback. That's life in a human body. All of these points are a part of the thrill of collaboration. There is so much discovery.

I am going to hold off on asking new people to serve as advisors until I've completed the next version of the concept paper, which I aim to do in the next two weeks.

Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Weekend in Washington (+photos)

Cedar at the drum shop in Bellingham
My plan to regroup while hanging out with my sister and her family is going great. After a yummy party at April and Matt Cameron's this weekend, we goofed around in Bellingham, Washington. Lynne, Greg, Cedar (8, pictured here), and Sierra (5) are shown in these eight photos. Tomorrow I start work as a personal trainer at Mieko’s Fitness. Thursday I interview for a part-time Diversity Coordinator position at Edmonds Community College. Wish me luck! Blessings, all.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Next Steps

Goodbye for now to beautiful Guatemala. Last days were spent with new friends in the areas of Lake Atitlán and La Antigua.

Back in San Francisco, in Bay Area Fever style, I visited stellar people, danced with a group I initiated in Point Reyes Station, saw the opening of a gorgeous new space at the CircleCenter in Fairfax, experienced a talk and choreography from Anna Halprin, and for a rest, went to see movies.

Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance and other aspects of her life work have influenced me a great deal. I asked her to serve as an advisor for The Water Project, and she agreed to consider it. What a great thing it would be to have her input and blessings!

I have now arrived at the home of my sister and her fun family in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle. My intentions while here are to re-build my foundation, as it's time to replenish the supply of moolah and I have grown tired of moving around so much; and return to physical fitness. It is time to have a home, work, and lifestyle that are more sustainable while being complimentary to The Water Project.

I am dreaming about different possible places to make that happen: England, somewhere quiet near a river in the USA, a return to the Bay Area, extended visit to India, or perhaps somewhere as of yet unconsidered. I'm open to help in creating just the right situation. I'll keep this area posted. Peace to all who visit here.