Sunday, November 25, 2007

Art Opening in Trivandrum

“Representation II: Contemporary Indian Art” opened last night in Trivandrum to more than one hundred enthusiastic art appreciators from throughout the area and abroad, including a couple of film stars and the press. Beauty of Water art lead Santhan Velayudhan, pictured here, and four additional artists contributed to the show, including Alexander Devasia, Anoop Panicker, Bhagyanath C, and Riyas Komu. Snapshots of the grounds of the cultural center that houses the gallery initiate this eleven photo slideshow. Earlier in the day the state’s prevailing Communist Party met in the city’s main arena, as Trivandrum is the seat of many governmental activities. The art opening was followed by a celebration on the roof of a nearby hotel, very lively. Sorry, no shots of the party, as I focused my sights on enjoying friends, old and new!

Friday, November 23, 2007

"Creating Love for Water" in South India

Greetings from South India! I arrived in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, where Kalai and Raju and son Goutha fed me, gave up their beds to let me sleep at odd times, and welcomed me so sweetly that leaving seemed unnatural. Raju and I met squished side by side on a bus last year, and enjoyed our first hour of conversation about his work in sales management at a water purification company, and the Art of Living ashram where volunteers. He was fascinated with Beauty of Water, and we kept in touch. Raju is supporting Beauty of Water in many ways, for which I am deeply grateful.

Here we are in front of the most prominent art piece in their hall: a gigantic, fantastic image of waterfalls; cropped out of the picture for size reasons was an empty box from their just-installed water filter. Ya gotta love synchronicity!

The title of this entry came from a conversation with a dear friend Prakash whose family I visited in Chennai, who was absorbing information about Beauty of Water. He said, "So it is about creating love for water." Yes!

I'm now in Trivandrum, in the state of Kerala. Here is a 7-photo slideshow with images from outside of my current digs. USA owner "Gandhi" is sitting on the porch with manager/friend Rajeev, and onsite caretaker Alex is getting the coconuts from across the way.

Synchronous connections continue right and left, such as meeting Paul Molyneaux, avid cyclist, contributor to the New York Times, and author of books on fisheries and aquaculture; a new friend of a couple of hours obtained a sim card for my mobile phone, no small endeavor for a foreigner yet super important for ongoing communications; and the owner of my guest house offered to show me around an arts college. Later this week Santhan will arrive for his group gallery opening. I'll wear a new shirt I'm having stitched for the event.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Images from England

Here are eleven photos... While in England for a few days, I've captured a couple of impressions from in the city of Oxford, and more in London, including Christmas lights in Oxford Circus, grounds of Tate Modern, the Millenium Bridge, the Thames, Borough Market, and in the home of my cousin and his partner Beso, who made me delicious Georgian food. Their back yard has fig, apple, and pear trees, still bearing fruit! (Sorry, no shots of that, but you do get to see Beso.) Tomorrow to India...

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Beauty of Water Website; How to Help Clean Up Bay Area Oil Spill

Please check out the new Beauty of Water website, located where the old one was at Tell us how you feel and what you think about the website using the contact form.

This new opening comes on the heels of the Bay Area oil spill. As of this moment, a quick search on what one can do to help brought good results on these pages: Oiled Wildlife Care Network, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Baykeeper, and posts by Anneliese Agren, who led me to most of this information.

Good Bye to the Bay Area for Now

I'm sad to be leaving the vibrant, dynamic San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow, yet excited for things to come. In the five weeks I've been here I've volunteered for Earth Island Institute's Brower Youth Awards (check out 14-year-old Alex's acceptance speech) and the Bioneers Conference. Last night I heard Joanna Macy talk at my alma matter, CIIS. She read from her re-released World as Lover, World as Self book, and said the past and the future live within us, which is undeniable from a genetic standpoint; we the living have an obligation to guard that which has become radioactive and toxic under our watch; we should each adopt something of the Earth to take loving care of. Today the San Francisco Green Festival starts (website by my friends at, though I'm too busy packing to attend. Tomorrow I'm off for points east, starting with Oxford Brookes University and then on to India.

I am deeply moved by the support that Beauty of Water and I have received these past weeks, in the form of food, shelter, heartfelt companionship, and storage for my belongings. A Wisconsin visit was also a highlight, especially bicycling with Dad along Lake Michigan. Peace to all and thank you, Bay Area, for your eternal inspiration.

International Humanities Center Adopts Beauty of Water

The International Humanities Center (IHCenter) based in Malibu, California and with projects all over the world, has adopted Beauty of Water into its fiscal sponsorship program! This gives Beauty of Water nonprofit public charity status. Beauty of Water is now exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and supporters from the USA can make tax-deductible donations. This is an important step forward for Beauty of Water. We are celebrating!

Other projects under the IHCenter's umbrella include Courage to Resist, No More Victims, The Afghan Women's Mission, and The California Cars Initiative.