Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Environmental Movement; What's Authentic for Me

In the Paul Hawken article mentioned in the previous post, he writes of a movement, of "Something Earth-changing [that is] is afoot among civil society." I resonate with his statement that there is, "...a coalescence comprising hundreds of thousands of organizations with no center, codified beliefs, or charismatic leader."

At the same time I don't personally feel I live within the three intertwining roots he drew: environmental and social justice, and indigenous cultures’ resistance to globalization. It is fine with me if others see Beauty of Water this way. Justice and resistance are huge motivators, and I hold hands with them. I embrace Paul Hawken's article. Yet my own experience of what I'm doing is something else.

For anyone who may work with me on Beauty of Water, I want to be out of the closet. My way of being a part of the movement is not, as I see it, political nor environmental per se. I hope that partners in leadership have their own authentic ways in the movement. That can be anything that is real and constructive.

My authentic way is about appreciation, beauty, humanity, experiencing the elements, phenomenological relationship with water, expressive relationship with water, and tangible experiences of our oneness. I want Beauty of Water to re-give people a fully conscious experience of being water, of being one with water, and of being one with each other.

At some level we all already know about this, which is why I'm calling it re-giving. Refreshing. Celebrating. Sharing. For me this is experiencing the divine. Yet it is not religious.

I've shied away from writing that explicitly because any authentic way someone or some group may be with water is fine with me.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Expert Guidance from Caroline Cumming

Sometimes when weeks pass and I have not posted to this blog I wonder if it seems as though nothing is progressing with Beauty of Water. This link-happy entry is meant to give a sense of the kinds of developments that occur between postings.

Today I spent a delightful mid-day strolling through the Edmonds Farmer's Market and then conversing on the patio of my favorite ZuKafe with my dear friend Caroline Cumming.

Caroline is the former executive director of 911 Media Arts Center and Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network (see also article in Orion)... and way back in the mid-1990s, my partner in learning Photoshop techniques, among other adventures shared while working at one of the first web publishing companies.

Caroline has pointed me to information, inspirations, and resources, among them a film called Thirst, the Indian National Trust for Art and Heritage, the Wiser Earth network, and the Confluence Project, and some of Paul Hawken's work.

Caroline has also already lent great personal expertise to Beauty of Water, and is guiding next steps: a strategy document, corresponding strategic actions, and other additions to our printed materials. I am deeply thankful to have Caroline's collaboration.

This reminds me of a couple of entities I haven't mentioned: Green Maven, a search engine a that can help many kinds of environmental pursuits, put together by my friends at Earthsite, and Ashes and Snow, a traveling art exhibit that has inspired me for their bravado and powerful imagery.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grand Opening: Website and Concept Paper

Announcing the grand opening of the Beauty of Water website and concept paper. While our public face will be enhanced over time, in particular the website will sparkle more and more, the initial review period is complete. Immense thanks to all who have collaborated on bringing these mission-critical materials to life. It is time to call forth and receive new partners to co-create the expansion. Welcome to Beauty of Water unveiled!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Personal and Project Clarity

Close friends are aware that finding clarity, such as where to live, is something I've historically struggled with. Once I have clarity, powerful things happen. Action and manifestation come easily the moment I know what I want. Yet gaining clarity, even as a process-oriented person with higher than average tolerance for the unknown, has been trying at times. Therefore I am especially delighted to share that I have determined some things about the shape of my next year.

For the next several months I plan to continue the life I am enjoying here in the town of Edmonds, north of Seattle. I love being a personal trainer at Mieko's, I'm pursuing certification, I have a private client which is pleasant and enriching and helps with cash flow, and I've got a couple of valuable trades started, wherein I receive massage and life coaching. I also enjoy my own fitness program, which includes Rodney Yee yoga DVD's -- ahhhhh! I am still living with my sister and her super fun family, and there is an action packed summer ahead.

In October I'll head to India for an extended stay, working with Santhan on the Beauty of Water art piece production. Last I heard he is locating an art studio near a river and some artist friends I really enjoyed hanging out with last year.

Meanwhile I've sent a first draft of the Beauty of Water budget out to several people who work in non-profits, arts organizations, and the like, and I've been receiving excellent input and support. More on this when I can share more officially. I've also continued to receive good contacts from artists and other water oriented professionals. Keep 'em coming!

The next quantum leap for Beauty of Water is having one or two new people partner in a big way in leadership for the project. I am ready to share this job, and to allow others to bring their creativity to it. I look forward to seeing what unfolds as it all continues to expand. Peace and blessings all.