Monday, October 02, 2006

Abstract Art

I'd like to take my art to the next level. I visited two one-room, one-teacher art schools in Mangalore today. The first was open-air, allowing me to watch the monsoon rain as it swept through. The second was above a convenience store, the kind that sells trial-size packages of everything from detergent to the beauty aid, coconut oil. Both schools had remarkable pictures on the walls, showing great talent in watercolor, charcoal, and oils. Though the teachers were clearly successful, and graciously welcomed my interruption, I realized that I will not find what I am looking for here.

Ninety-nine of a hundred wise art teachers would say I need to go back to basics. Indeed this is what these schools offered and what these teachers advocated. But deep inside of me I know I don't have sustaining interest in the details of a snail, an eggshell, or a human face to take the time to learn how to render them recognizeably.

Discouraged from repeatedly finding myself interested in that which exists between what most people can relate to, I did a search on abstract art. Though I didn't yet find a school, I felt encouraged by Harley Hahn's "Understanding Abstract Art," and Info Please on Abstract Expressionism.

PS In my next lifetime I'd like to be a Bollywood star.