Friday, September 29, 2006

Art and Mangalore (+art)

Blue Flame by Liza BehrendtHere are two images that I created here in India, using crayons and paper, size about 18" by 24" I would guess. Thanks to Terry for taking the photos. These pictures will remain in Sathyamangalam, as Karuppusamy from READ, mentioned in the entry below called "A Few Projects," wants these for the office.

Orange and Blue by Liza BehrendtI have taken a jaunt to the west coast, on the Arabian Sea, a place called Mangalore. It is directly west of Bangalore and south of the famous Goa. So far so good, though I just arrived, on the night express. The train was super comfy in my AC Sleeper car, and I slept deeply for five or six hours after chatting with a lovely family, my traveling companions, who shared bananas and stories with me. We got in to Mangalore at 5:15am. I stayed in the station until it was light out so that I could walk by myself to find a hotel, rather than relying on booking services or rickshaw drivers. I struck it rich. For 300 rupees per night plus tax, about US$7 total, I am in complete comfort and style, and the brief, pouring rain happened just after I got inside. Plus there's this internet place in easy walking distance. God bless broadband.