Friday, July 31, 2009

Delightfully Rainy Day at NISH

NISH Artists"I loved to feel the rain," said Subhash Viswan, a student in the first batch of the fine arts degree program at the National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) in Trivandrum, after a day of making art on the theme of appreciation for water with Beauty of Water earlier this month.

His enthusiastic comments were translated by Degree Section Coordinator Shirly G., who invited Beauty of Water to co-create this learning experience. "I feel happy. We all feel happy!" Subhash continued.

NISH Artists"We really used our bodies, working with our bodies in a different way making art," commented another student during a reflective conversation after our activities. Also noted: "We started thinking different things. We started using our thinking processes."

We worked on campus, which is on the shores of Lake Akkulam. This news story that ran on July 10th in The Indian Express covers some of the details.

The group included students Tintu Vaghese, Abin Pious George, Shameel, Baby Vijaya, Anju Moy, K.S.Sarathchandran, Sharath B.P., Baiju B.J., Subhish Viswan, Radhika A., Indu P., Parvathy, Lekshmy, Tony Vimal, Naveena L.R., Merin Vimal, Rajimol P.R., Jaisymol, Jim J., Kishore Kumar, Anila M. Vijayan, Niyas M., Deepamol, Parvathy P.V., Priya, Retheesh, Rajalekshmi, and teachers Mohal Lal V. and Renitha R.R., who also got into the action, and may be seen working in the earth in this 27-image slideshow.

Visits from Beauty of Water co-lead Latha Kurien Rajeev and our Italian designer friend Annabella brought additional meaning to the day, as did a gift ceremony presided over by Executive Director of the school, Dr. K.N. Prvithran, who supported the program along with Founding Director G.Vijaya Ragavan.