Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flowing Like Water

April has seen unseasonable rains in Kerala, and correspondingly, Beauty of Water is flooded with fantastic happenings! We have not posted lately simply because of the deluge of developments! Here are some hints...

We are partnering with a fine arts college to offer a course focused on collaboration and nature in art, with emphasis on water; we are partnering with a well known senior artist to host a professional art camp and subsequent show; we are co-developing curriculum for several childrens camps focused on water and expressive arts; we are planning film documentation; we are considering a village project; a new co-lead may join in coordinating in all of these areas; and of course, our main focus remains a high-quality collaborative art piece on the theme of appreciation for water.

Names and faces of the corresponding leaders will be published soon on the Beauty of Water website and in our electronic newsletter.

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