Monday, February 04, 2008

New Beauty of Water Collaborators

Meet Harachi, artist, healer, and vibrant soul, native German with many years in Austria, recently in Kerala, India, aiming for new adventures in Mallorca, Spain. Harachi and I met in Kumily and found great inspiration in each other's ideas, history, and art projects. Harachi is joining Beauty of Water, with many possibilities for collaborations to come. Welcome, Harachi!

Below you will find photos of a river nearby in Tamil Nadu where Harachi and friends were visiting for part of a day, in conjunction with a wedding. She motivated the whole group to perform a site clean-up, picking up plastic bottles and other trash before they stopped to enjoy and relax. I'm sorry but I can't give photo credit -- not sure who took these lovely images.

cleaning up rivercleaning up river
relaxing after cleanupwaterfall in river

Now meet Peter Musa, from Cameroon. This photo was taken by his friend, Ngeh Julius. Peter is an artist, writer, founder and director of Mus'Art Gallery in Kumbo. From his new brochure: "This journey [of opening a gallery] started when our dad decided to start traditional wood sculpturing. I call it traditional because the art was done according to how Nso' carvers of Bui Division in the North West Province of the Republic of Cameroon did their wood carvings. He started in a nearby bush a few metres away from where we lived then... ...Today, Mus’Art is expanding and diversifying its collection. We want to fully represent the different art forms of the western Grass-fields of Cameroon. We also want to preserve and promote the traditional music and dance of this region. It is important to do this things, if we want up-coming generations to associate with our arts,crafts, culture and music." There is much more to this story that I haven't included here, and much more to knowing Peter. Beauty of Water is delighted to join with Peter in new collaborations.

A third new collaborator, S. Anitha, will be introduced in a forthcoming posting. Anitha is an environmental activist and educator working throughout Kerala. Our affinities are vast and we delight in this new connection.

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