Saturday, December 01, 2007

Production for Earth Exhibit

After my stay in Trivandrum, I headed to Cochin (Kochi) where Santhan and I visited the studio and a worksite of Rajan Krishnan, longtime friend of Santhan and featured artist with Bodhi Art.

This ten photo slideshow reveals the thrilling inside story of work in progress. We are at Jayan V.K.'s Terra Crafts terra cotta production studio, where students from three local art schools, more than one hundred contributors in all, are helping Rajan produce thousands of clay pieces for an installation that will be included in an Earth themed exhibit at Bodhi in Mumbai in January. I made a couple of pieces by hand, and ate lunch with the students and crew. Jayan is shown serving rice and then standing with his terra cotta creation of Ganesh; Rajan beams light through smiles in a handful of these shots.

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