Monday, February 05, 2007

Next Steps

Goodbye for now to beautiful Guatemala. Last days were spent with new friends in the areas of Lake Atitlán and La Antigua.

Back in San Francisco, in Bay Area Fever style, I visited stellar people, danced with a group I initiated in Point Reyes Station, saw the opening of a gorgeous new space at the CircleCenter in Fairfax, experienced a talk and choreography from Anna Halprin, and for a rest, went to see movies.

Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance and other aspects of her life work have influenced me a great deal. I asked her to serve as an advisor for The Water Project, and she agreed to consider it. What a great thing it would be to have her input and blessings!

I have now arrived at the home of my sister and her fun family in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle. My intentions while here are to re-build my foundation, as it's time to replenish the supply of moolah and I have grown tired of moving around so much; and return to physical fitness. It is time to have a home, work, and lifestyle that are more sustainable while being complimentary to The Water Project.

I am dreaming about different possible places to make that happen: England, somewhere quiet near a river in the USA, a return to the Bay Area, extended visit to India, or perhaps somewhere as of yet unconsidered. I'm open to help in creating just the right situation. I'll keep this area posted. Peace to all who visit here.