Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Images from Antigua and El Remate; News from India (+photos)

Images from Antigua and El Remate, Guatemala Here are eleven photos showing Antigua, some drawings, and El Remate in El Petén, Guatemala, where I continue with The Water Project. I have a new camera, and aspire to the greatness of Terry´s photography... this will take practice!

While in Antigua, I heard from Santhan, the sculptor in India. He said that he would like to join The Water Project, and details are forthcoming. I really felt that Santhan was the art lead for India, yet we both needed to consider it carefully. I am utterly thrilled! Santhan is the first confirmed artist for the project. I am going forward with plans for a return trip to India in February.

Here in Guatemala things go poco a poco. Moments, people, conversations, and Lago de Petén Itzá itself, a lake I am swimming in daily, have given hope and inspiration. More on that when it is time to share...